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About Kyle

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my site. A place where winning is everything. Before I get a little in depth about myself and my system I want to tell you exactly what you can expect from me and what you shouldn’t expect.

You will receive: Instant Access as soon as you are a member of my site. You will receive 1-4 games per day that are rated for our success and according to my system. You will receive the best customer service experience you have ever seen in this industry. Not only will I respond personally to emails, when you call you will have the option of talking directly with me. Just ask my staff, if I am not busy I will be happy to answer your calls. (More on that later)

You will not receive: You will not receive endless emails, phone call or text messages form my company. We will not bug you or bother you. I understand my clients are very busy as I am. You have a few different membership options to choose from from 1 day to a year and others in between. We will not push you to purchase any of them. What you purchase is your decision.

Now, on to the good stuff.

When you first sign up make sure you check out my welcome video in my Members Only Lounge area. Here you will find a video welcoming you to my site as well as how to best take advantage of my system. Also in my members area from time to time you will find other videos posted throughout the week going over important day to day stuff and information on what’s coming.

Now I want to give you a proper introduction, my name is Kyle, since 2000 I have been selling my sports advisory services. Even though I have only been online since 2010. I guess you would call me a late bloomer to the internet world. I run a nice office out here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have houses outside of Phoenix and Los Angeles so you might find me there as well from time to time.

A lot of people ask me how I got my start. Well, I grew up in this business. My father worked his entire life in the sports business running sports books in both Las Vegas and Reno. While my parents were divorced I spent the school year as a child in Los Angeles and the summers and other school breaks I spent with my father in Las Vegas. I love my mother but from about 13 Las Vegas was where I knew I had to be. My father loves sports and the math and logic that goes into betting. Being an odds maker my father always talked to me about sports, the odds, why the line of a game was what it was, who was in town betting and making the line move and so forth. From an early age I had a passion for bookmaking. From about 16 years old my father would make small wagers with me on games. If I won, he would double my allowance for each win. If I lost, I had to do more chores around his high rise condo. This is when things got serious. Between the age of 16 and when I finished college at the University of Southern California I was refining and honing what later would be my system. I guess my father was a little disappointed after I graduated college and decided not to follow his foot steps and wear the suit and be behind the ticket deck in Vegas.

I told my father I wanted to be on the other side of the family business. That the casino’s made enough money and I wanted to not only beat them but help other people beat them. My passion for sports betting is like no other. There is nothing more that I enjoy than winning. Well maybe spending time with my daughter is more enjoyable now that I am older.

With my system I have been able to develop and remind since the late 90’s I am able to show consistent results showing a profit with my system. I am not perfect, I do make mistakes, but if I make one, I will own up to it. Since 2000 my system has been delivering winning months and years. In the last 16 years I have recorded 2 losing years. My 3rd and 4th years I didn’t make corrections and it cost me having a winning year those 2 years. Since then we just celebrated 12 straight years of winning.

In my system, you can expect 1-4 games posted in the Members Only Lounge daily. My games all include my rating system. I go over this in my welcome video.

Now if you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or my staff during business hours by email or phone. We are pretty good at even emailing back after regular business hours. Don’t be surprised if you happen to get a response by myself or I answer the phone.

If you happen to have a question about a specific game or a line, please email in. Our phone support rings non stop. You will get a faster response by email.